Gentle Curl Towel
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  • Description

    Combat wash day frizz with our easy-to-wrap curl towel that is designed to protect your curls on wash day.

    Did you know? Curls are extra fragile when wet because of the raised cuticle layer. A regular cotton terry towel causes frizz, strips moisture and natural oils from the hair, and roughens the hair cuticles.

    Our curl towel is light-weight, smooth-layered and ultra-soft - designed to absorb excess water from our hair while being extremely delicate on our strands. It's made for all curl types. 

    ✓ Easy to use  ✓ Fast absorbent  ✓ Hands free drying

    How to Use:

    Place the towel over your head while bending forward, with the edges of the towel tucked behind your ears. Wrap the tips of the towel around the front of your head, then tie a knot at the back.