Nathalie, Founder

When I was young, I saw straight hair as the standard of beauty and believed that straight and long hair was more beautiful, more feminine and easier to care for. I couldn't straighten my hair often because it would break, so I mostly wore it in a bun. It was only in Canada - with the wonderful curls experts from Curls Spa "Inhairitance" - that I learned important basics about natural curl care. I started to develop a simple and practical routine and enjoy hair care. I finally had access to the necessary knowledge and the right products. I learned to differentiate between what is healthy for me and my curls and what really works. With the endless range of cosmetic products on the market, this is not easy without instructions. That's why I wanted to help other people and show them what's possible and that there are healthy and practical solutions to curly hair care. I think it's hugely important to see the beauty in what you have and what you can do. There is such a huge and beautiful variety of curls, people, cultures and ideas out there and we can all make the world a little bit better and support others. So let's spread a positive mindset: Curls are beautiful and they're easy to maintain - if you just know how!

Eugenia, Curl Expert

I am Afro-Austrian and my roots are in Ghana. My key moment was when I decided to only care for my hair with natural cosmetics. "Bye bye" chemical straightening, which had accompanied me since kindergarten. I had really destroyed my hair texture and lost hope in my hair before I understood I had to change anything. For a few years I have felt very comfortable with my natural hair. But I only got the right know-how for my Afro curls during my individual consultation with Nathalie. Since then I have loved my curls and I enjoy styling them. Dealing with your hair also means getting to know yourself as a person and learning to love yourself. I think with afro hair it's a more intensive way of getting to know each other. And a big challenge on this journey is the courage to be different and the acceptance that my hair is not or will never be like my friends' hair. I - like probably many other people with curly hair and afro hair - invested a lot of money and time. Therefore, I would like to advise you on your hair routine and support you in finding a suitable curl care product. So: Do you fancy YOUR CURL?

Fer, Marketing Support

Earlier this year I heard about a woman who runs workshops in Germany where she educates people about natural hair products and the needs and different types of curls we all have. This caught my attention immediately because my own hair had its bad days too and it was quite difficult to find the right products for my curls. I tried random products and found my hair was a mess. Every time I washed it, I would have scalp issues a few days later - no matter how "special" the product was or the brand. It wasn't as healthy, bouncy, and defined as I'd like it to be. After my first professional consultation and product recommendations, everything changed. My products now suit my hair type and needs much better than anything I've used before! I love supporting DEINELOCKEN as a digital marketer and growth maker. This is how I can create a more beautiful and tolerant world and spread the word of how wonderful YOUR CULS are!

Carole and Norhane, Internship

From our own experience we know that there are comparatively few good products and services for curly and afro hair on the market. During our first internship we learned a lot about natural curl care and got to know our own curls better. It was a lot of fun and motivated us to start our second internship at DEINELOCKEN again. We look forward to implementing new ideas in social media and marketing projects at DEINELOCKEN. The focus is primarily on obtaining customer feedback, creating appealing media content and testing options for greater customization of services. We would also like to support and promote the LOCKENREVOLUTION in France! Vive les boucles!